It's Hard Being Us  -   The story so far....
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After Pete's masterclass, we're ready to rock hard. Oscar and Andre rock hard. Tobi is also rocking hard. Hmmmm.... ok.
Very soon we are gettin ready to pack it up and go, starting with the gear. As you can see, some people take more care of their belongings
than others, but somehow their belongings (and themselves) miraculously survive with only a few chipped edges

The tourbus poltergeist pulls Pete's bunk curtain off its hinges yet again. Every morning it's the same... so Oscar tries a seance
to rid the bus of this spooky presence (the poltergeist of course - not Pete!). But the Genie Of The Bottle aint going nowhere..
At the gig, Andre models the merchandise and sales are brisk - and after checking with Mr. Squirrel
that Vinnie's underpants are environmentally-friendly, we managed to get 2000 Czech Krona for them.

OK, now we're rockin.

It's not all good though. Andre searches in vain through Ebay for some hair-straighteners. (Curlies are not welcome on the tourbus).
Tobi goes looking for the rider, and here in the UFO Food Store the food is so sparse that we resort to taking bites out of Tobi's leg
Meanwhile, Martin does something entertaining in the sink, as per the writing on the wall.

Phil, Tonio, Oscar and Martin line up for the 'Pointiest Nose' contest. No, sorry, that was a lie of Pinocchio proportions.....
it was actually a photo-shoot for a Mount Rushmore-style album cover - but then they realised that Deep Purple had already had that idea.
Back at the gig, the crowd love it when Pete hits rock bottom.
But talk about kicking a man while he's down - Phil immediately challenges Pete to an arm-wrestling contest.
Pete as usual takes the easy way out and spontaneously combusts.

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