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1st February 2023 - An update from Mr. Mogg...

UFODear all,
I have been asked for an update on my rematch with Mike Tyson. I'm not quite there yet, but making inroads to the peak of my former powers, whilst studying the magical charms of Shanky's Whipp made in Ireland (where else!).
Rehab exercise has finished, the doc has signed me off, and I have been yodelling at Brighton Electric Studios and finishing up some tunes for a Moggish album - an eccentric collection of songs that will be in my spring collection and which will put some lead in your pencil. Ho Ho!
I would like to most sincerely thank everyone for their kind get well messages, they have worked a treat, Thumbs up emoji.
All the very best to you all,
Phil x
PS I would like to make it quite clear that I’m not endorsing excessive alcohol use of any kind!

WALK ON WATER and WEREWOLVES OF LONDON are being re-issued on vinyl in 2023 by Cleopatra Records.
Go here for details!

2nd September 2022 - Phil Mogg suffers heart attack. Farewell tour in October 2022 cancelled ahead of schedule

Bad news: a few days ago, frontman Phil Mogg suffered a heart attack. The British singer extraordinaire has already undergone surgery. On Thursday September 1st, 2022 – after having performed several detailed examinations in the past days – the doctors pronounced a strict performance ban for Phil until further notice. This is why the entire ‘Last Orders’ farewell tour, which was supposed to lead across Europe from October 15 to 29, 2022 before ending in Athens, had to be cancelled.

If and when the tour or – at the very least – individual shows can be made up for, is currently completely unclear and will depend on Phil`s recovery, among other things. His rehabilitation therapy will be starting in about six weeks. According to the doctors, it is not yet possible to give any concrete statements about the duration and scope of the treatment.

For the time being, the last UFO show took place on July 16, 2022, at the ‘Lieder Am See’ festival (near Nuremberg). Originally, band members Phil Mogg, Vinnie Moore (guitar), Andy Parker (drums), Neil Carter (keyboard/guitar) and Rob De Luca (bass) were planning on starting rehearsals in a few days for the final concerts in their more than 50-year UFO career.


Vinnie Moore

Andy Parker

Paul Raymond

Neil Carter

Rob De Luca

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